Wai-iti 100g

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A new hop variety developed by New Zealand Plant and Food Research with release from the New Zealand Hop breeding programme in 2011. It was selected for its low alpha acid and high oils content. Wai-iti is a granddaughter of the USDA developed Liberty, and is a triploid hop derived from 1/3rd Hallertau Mittelfrüeh.
Citrus characters apparent in selection have been seen transferred into the finished product as a blend of mandarin and zested lemon and lime peel giving it an alpha acid level of 2.5-3.5%
Used in both Lagers and Ales where its character builds to develop an excellent finishing bitterness and drinkability. Works extremely well in single hopped beers while also combining well as a late addition with other varieties to create first rate beers across a wide range of styles.
Vacuum packed for freshness.