American Amber Ale

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A bitter beer with full-bodied, speciality malt character.
Our American Amber Ale has a deep-amber, light-copper appearance from crystal and black malts included in the recipe. These give this beer caramel, raisin and biscuity notes with a slightly dry finish. The hops provide a prominent level of bitterness to balance the malt flavours.
The yeast under the lid is an 11g pack of Fermentis US-05 ale yeast.
This product is designed to be used with 1.0-1.5 kg (2.2-3.3lbs) of WilliamsWarn Light Dry Malt Extract and water to make 23 litres (6 US gallons/5 Imp. Gallons) of wort. Original Gravity of 1.040-1.048 (10°P- 12°P), fermented to a Final Gravity of about 1.010 (2.5°P), resulting in 4.0-5.0% alcohol by volume, 32 Bitterness Units and 13 SRM/26 EBC colour.
Ferment at 23°C/73°F